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FMA Annual Seminar 2017


 "EU global strategy on Security and Defence"



Welcome and introduction to the seminar,
by Mr Enrique BARÓN CRESPO, President of the European Parliament Former Members Association and Former EP President. Watch the video

Speech by Sir Julian KING , EU Commissioner for the Security Union, followed by Q&A Session. Watch the video

Speech by Mr. Michael GAHLER MEP, Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence and President of the Kangaroo Group, followed by Q&A Session. Watch the video

›  Speech by Mr. Ivailo Kalfin, Member of the High Level Group on Own Resources, EP Rapporteur on critical information infrastructure protection – achievements and next steps: towards global cyber-security, followed by Q&A Session. Watch the video

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1. Programme (2 Mb)
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3. Keynote Speech by Sir Julian KING (289 kb)
4. Speech by Mr. Ivailo Kalfin (444 kb)