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11-19 October 2014

The Study Visit, held once a year, is a combination of political dialogue and cultural meetings  (with Government representatives, NGOs, academic and media representatives). This year the delegation was made up of 15 former MEPs , one accompanying persons and a member ofSecretariat, and took place in Kosovo from 11 to 19 October. Members of the delegation had the chance to meet members of the various political groups, officials of the government and representatives of civil society. An interesting trip to the border between Serbia and Kosovo was also a highlight of the visit. A full report can be read in the Bulletin but you can find some additional documents here below (including a letter to VP Mogherini on our visit and a report by Peter Price).

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0.1 Programme of Study Visit to Kosovo (246 kb)
0.2 FMA Letter to VP Mogherini (1 Mb)
0.3 EP Letter on EULEX from Brok and Lunacek (4 Mb)
0.4 Report P. Price (222 kb)
0.5 The EIC Positions EN (245 kb)
1.1 UNDP factsheets (57 kb)
1.10 NATO role in kosovo (174 kb)
1.2 UNHC Resolution 1244 (1999) (24 kb)
1.3 Brussels Agreement Implementation Plan (822 kb)
1.5 EP Resolution on European integration process of Kosovo (74 kb)
1.6 Progress report 2013 (713 kb)
1.7 EUEOM kosovo 2014 preliminary statement (100 kb)
1.8 The Kosovo elections (247 kb)
1.9 EU and normalization of relations Serbia Kosovo (1 Mb)
2.1 Factsheet EULEX (301 kb)
2.2 Council Joint Action 2008 on EULEX (63 kb)
2.3 Coucil decision 12 June 2014 EULEX (328 kb)
2.4 European Parliament resolution of 3 April 2014 on the Court of Auditors' special reports (384 kb)
2.5 Article: EULEX should go (169 kb)
2.6 EULEX -Towards an integrated exit strategy (859 kb)
2.6 Final Report EOM Kosovo 2013 (327 kb)
2.7 integration or isolation (702 kb)
3.1 OSCE on local authorities (1 Mb)
3.2 Between Competing imaginaries of Statehood, Roma, Askali and Egyptian leadership in newly independant Kosovo (133 kb)
3.3 Social Inclusion and Cultural Identity of Roma Communities in SE Europe (2 Mb)
4.1 World Bank - Kosovo-Snapshot (2 Mb)
4.2 The Trade Impact of the Kosovo-EU Stabilization and Association Agreement An assessment of outcomes and implications (846 kb)
4.3 Annual Review of Labour Relations and Social Dialogue in South East Europe (173 kb)
5.1 Report 2012 - trafficking in persons (86 kb)
5.2 Local Gender relations and sex trafficking, Peacekeepers as Patrons (319 kb)
5.3 mainstreaming human minority rights 2012 (1 Mb)
5.4 Kosovo A new court for old accusations (112 kb)