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                     FMA Co-operation with the European University Institute (EUI)

In 2016 the Association built a close and effective co-operation with the European University Institute in Florence.

The basis of the collaboration was established through a direct relationship of mutual exchange of information. Thanks to several ad hoc meetings with the heads of the sectors, the identification of concrete action and the development of further partnerships was achieved. Moreover, the participation in conferences based on the expertise and experience of former Members brought about a real and full harmony and sharing of intents.

Monica Baldi is the FMA Board member responsible for relations with the European University Institute (EUI).

Considering the high-level of expertise of FMA members in a wide variety of fields, the FMA launched partnerships with the following EUI departments:

  1.  The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies
  1.  “The State of the Union” conference
  1.  The Historical Archives of the European Union

  2.  School of Transnational Governance

  3.  Conference "40 years of European Parliament direct elections"