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Executive Board

The Foundation’s executive management Board comprises the members of the FMA Management Committee to ensure transparency and accountability.

Subject to prior acceptance of their mandate the foundation shall be managed by a board made up of a minimum of five and a maximum of ten members who are also on the board of directors of the non-profit making Association of Former Members of the European Parliament.

The Board members were appointed for the first time when the Founding Members adopted the charter of incorporation setting up the foundation on 5 June 2013.

The members of the Executive Board of the Foundation are:

1. Mr. BARON CRESPO Enrique - President
2. Mr. BALFE Richard - Vice-President
3. Ms. LANGENHAGEN Brigitte - Secretary
4. Mr. BERTENS Jan-Willem - Treasury
5. Ms. BALDI Monica
6. Mr. KOŽUŠNÍK Edvard
7. Mr. MANZELLA Andrea
8. Mr. McMILLAN-SCOTT Edward
9. Mr. PORTO Manuel