Former Members' Association (FMA) Spreading information about the European Parliament and the EU

The FMA aims at bringing together former MEPs and at availing of their experience and expertise. With nearly 680 members, the FMA is involved in a wide range of activities including seminars, study visits, university lectures, democracy building, and the spreading of information about the European Parliament and the EU. Read More 

FMA news:


3-4 Avril 2017: Visit to National Parliaments - Malta

30 May 2017: EPRS event at the European Parliament, Brussels

30 May 2017: Memorial Service at the European Parliament, Brussels

30 May 2017:  Dinner Debate  at the Members' restaurant, European Parliament, Brussels

31 May 2017: General Assembly at the European Parliament, Brussels





FMA Bulletin:
Bulletin March 2017

Bulletin March 2017

In this issue you will find a special report on the 60 years of the Treaties of Rome and on the success of the "EP to Campus" programme.

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FMA Programmes:


From 26 to 27 January - ITALY, Univeristy of EUI - Enrique BARON CRESPO, Monica BALDI

From 20 February to 15 May - ITALY , Secondary Schools EU - Bill NEWTON DUNN, Monica BALDI, Andrea MANZELLA, Giulietto CHIESA, Vitaliano GEMELLI, Crescenzio RIVELLINI, Riccardo GAROSCI, Riccardo VENTE, Cristiana MUSCARDINI 

From 29 to 30 March - CROATIA, University of Zagreb - Alessandro BATTILOCCHIO

From 29 to 31 March - MOROCCO, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University - Alexandra THEIN

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