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The European Parliament Former Members Association is quite active in democracy activities and is committed to putting the experience of former MEPs at the disposal of the European Parliament's and of other organisations active in this field.

Co-operation with the European Parliament

The European Parliament has agreed to involve knowledgeable former MEPs in EP Capacity Building, Mediation and Human Rights activities which follow-up on the recommendations of EP election observation missions. Whenever the possibility arises, the European Parliament considers the invitation of former MEPs as speakers and experts to seminars and training sessions organised either in Brussels, Strasbourg or in third countries. 
Conference in Brussels on the occasion of the visit of the Pan-African Parliament

From 16 to 18 April 2018 the European Parliament organised a conference on the occasion of the visit of the Pan-African Parliament. The FMA members, Annemie Neyts and Gianfranco Dell'Alba as well as the FMA former President Pat Cox were invited to attend this event.
Ms Annemie Neyts, intervened on “The role of the Chief Observer”. She is a Former Member of the European Parliament and Chief Observer (Zambia 2006; Tunisia 2014)
Gianfranco Dell'Alba, Former Member of the European Parliament contributed to the topic: “The EP culture of parliamentarism: inter-party dialogue, consensus building and compromise
Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, contributed to the topic: “How the European Parliament is developing mediation and dialogue in support of third countries: the case of the Jean Monnet Dialogues in Ukraine”.

For more information, you can read the complete programme.

Co-operation with other organisations

Ninth Global Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in Dakar entitled “A Call for Democratic Renewal
From 6 to 9 May 2018, Filip Kaczmarek represented the FMA at this conference.

The Association was invited by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to participate in the Plenary Session: "The Role of Parliamentarians for Democratic Renewal: Guardians of Democracy?" and in the panel "Linking Parliamentary Associations to Promote Democratic Norms and Systems".
Participants were engaged in an open dialogue on their role in coordinating parliamentary associations. The workshop discussed: 1) how parliamentary associations view their mandates with respect to democracy and human rights, and how they are able to engage their membership in advocacy, 2) what parliamentary associations view as their priorities in the coming years with regards to reversing negative trends in democracies, 3) what gaps currently exist in coordination among various parliamentary associations with respect to advocacy on democracy issues and agreement on areas where joint collaboration may be fruitful, and 4) what types of ongoing mechanisms, such as a democracy contact group, might be useful to ensure that parliamentary associations react in a coordinated fashion to developments relating to democracy and human rights.

He will come back on his experience in the September 2018 issue of the FMA Bulletin.

For more information, you can read the complete programme.



If you are interested in inviting a former MEP to an event/conference/programme in the field of democracy support, please send your request to: