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Welcome to the Speakers' Bureau, where you can browse the profiles of our members. For your convenience, our speakers have been categorized into different topics of interest. This will allow you to swiftly find the speaker you require for your academic course within the framework of the EP to Campus Programme, or your event, forum or meeting.
Just select your topic of interest and click on the speakers for their detailed profile. Alternatively, you can search for speakers by entering your keyword(s) in the search box above.
 Institutional / constitutionnal affairs (54)
 Justice and Home Affairs (21)
 Internal Market (26)
 Human Rights (49)
 Enlargement (52)
 External trade (23)
 Common Foreign and Security Policy (48)
 Employment and Social Affairs (23)
 Development and Cooperation (39)
 Humanitarian Help (19)
 Industrial Policy (9)
 Health & Consumer Policy (21)
 Competition (12)
 Regional Policy (35)
 Agriculture (21)
 Fisheries (12)
 Environment (40)
 Economic Affairs (32)
 Education & Culture (32)
 Monetary Affairs (21)
 Energy & Research (32)
 Transport & Tourism (21)
 Budget (13)
 Women's rights, equity (17)
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