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Media Specialised in EU Affairs:
A number of online newspapers and other media are focusing solely on presenting information about European affairs and the EU. Some of the most important and influential ones are listed below, sorted after their names. Each link is followed by a short description of the main focus as well as other facts that might be of relevance (such as the company/organisation behind it and other language editions).

EUObserver — is "focusing on bringing news and debate to [the] online audience".

EurActiv — is striving to "cover the key EU policies and news. Depth of coverage depends on our assessment of what is of most interest to EU Actors".

Europe Media Monitor — is a joint project of DG-JRC and DG-COMM. Through specially designed softwares it compiles and classifies news reports from news portals world-wide in 43 languages.

EPRS — provides comprehensive research and analytical support to the European Parliament.

ISI (Partially paying access) — is covering what takes place in 80 emerging markets by creating and presenting "full-text news articles, financial statements, company information, industry analyses, equity quotes, macroeconomic statistics, and market-specific information".

LexisNexis (Paying access) — is striving to provide "content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets".

Politico — provides the most distinct and authoritative policy news coverage of Europe and beyond.

Rapid — is a database that has been compiled by DG-COMM. It contains all the press releases of the European Commission since 1985 as well as the press releases from the Council of the Union and other European institutions. They are all available in at least two languages.

Television of the European Parliament — is a web television channel established by the European Parliament.

The — is providing news about "key issues and debates within the EU institutions".


Facts and figures

In this section you will find links to different reports that have recently  been published and contain many interesting figures. The reports cover a wide range of topics in order to provide you with up to date numbers during your presentations. It is worth noting that some of the files are very large and their download could take much time.


Name of the Report




Key figures on Europe

Jan. 2017

Edition 2016


Standard Eurobarometer 87: Public Opinion in the European Union

May 2017

Spring 2017

International Monetary Fund

Annual Report

Sep. 2017

Annual Report 2017


Annual Report

May 2016

Annual Report 2016

World Bank

World Development Report 2017

Jan. 2017

Governance and The Law

Academic Networks


Academic links

This section consists of academic peer-reviewed journals with a special focus on EU issues. Most of these are not accessible freely from home, but you could easily access them through your local library or the library at the European Parliament, or get a subscription. The journals are sorted according to their name.


If you have any suggestion for reports that you think we should include here for a period of time, please send us an e-mail to The e-mail should include a link to the report and a short description why the specific report could be of interest for our members.

Standard Eurobarometer 85: Public Opinion in the European Union (14 Mb)
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