Former Members' Association (FMA) Spreading information about the European Parliament and the EU
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› Direct input to help realise the aims of the Association.

› Receipt by post each year of the four FMA Bulletin issues and an annual copy of the Membership Directory.

› On-line access to the most recent up to date mailing list of former MEPs in Europe.

› Receipt of all the documents concerning the Association (Statutes, minutes,  bulletins,  news of upcoming events)

› Personal access to a Members only E-mail facility so that you can contact directly on-line many of your former colleagues across Europe.

› Use of a Bureau de passage when visiting the European Parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg.

› Invitations to participate directly to the meetings, social events, study tours and other initiatives organised by the Association.

› Assistance to members to apply for and to take part in the EU Election Observation Missions.

› Possibility to have access to EP intranet, by request to the FMA Secretariat .