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GEORGIA, I. Gogebashvili Telavi State University  “Defence of intellectual property - EU regulations and Georgian reality” 20-21 December 2012




› Ignasi Guardans , FMA Member 

UKRAINE, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Lecture “Modern Energy Policy in the  EU” and Round table “Alternative Energy Sources” 11-12 December 2012


"After briefly describing the functioning of the EU institutions and the role of Parliament in the development of European legislation I introduced to students the Climate Energy Plan adopted in 2008 and the Europe 2020 Strategy for the fight against climate change and to implement the European energy policy. Students were particularly sensitive to energy saving and green energy development, particularly in the context of the politics of their countries, like Europe who wishes to control and diversify its energy supplies."

 Anne Laperrouze, FMA Member
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Programme

CROATIA, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, lectures on: "EU-level Tools to Boost Growth" and "Key Findings for SME Policy in Croatia" 29-30 November 2012


"The ongoing global economic and financial crisis of 2007 has had a significant impact on the Croatian economy. The contraction has been severe as the decline in external demand has been accompanied by a domestic credit crunch..."

› Mariella BaevaFMA Member

MOROCCO, Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Ain Sebaâ, University Hassan II Mohammedia - Casablanca 26-29 November 2012


"Firstly, what struck me is the high level of appetite of students who attended the conference. Appetite was particularly evident in the history of the Union, its institutions and their mode of decision making, the challenges of the present and those of the future, the relationship of the Union with countries outside it."


› Nicole Fontaine, FMA Member
Master Études Euro-Méditerranéennes Maroc Programme

UKRAINE, Donetsk State University of Management, Rountable on Higher Education in the EU and beyonf 25-27 November 2012


"On the second day of my visit I took part in a question and answer session with some 30-40 MA students majoring in European studies. I was most impressed not only with their good command of English, but their interest in the EU and their desire to visit and learn more of other European Countries. They were keen to hear as much as I could tell them about the situation of young people in other EU countries and Britain in particular, their higher education opportunities, its costs and their employment prospects."

› Michael Elliott, FMA Member
Donetsk State Management University Programme

ALBANIA, European University of Tirana (UET), Round table delivering an interactive discussion regarding the EU Pre-Accession Funds (IPA III) and the capacities of Albanian stakeholders to absorb them 12-15 November 2012




› Jens-Peter Bonde, FMA Member
›  European Universtiy of Tirana Programme  

RUSSIA, Higher School of economics PERM Campus,"The politicization of European integration: the manifestations and mechanisms" 12-17 November 2012


"The meeting with active youth: «European parliament: decision making process» at the 16th of November 2012. The lecture course: «Understanding European Institutions. Governance in the Age of globalizations» from the 12th of November to the 17th of November 2012"

› Michael Hindley , FMA Member 
Higher School of Economics Perm Programme

SPAIN,University King Juan Carlos, Area of Freedom, Security and Justiceof the European union 5-9 November 2012




› José María Gil- Robles-Delgado, FMA Member

ROMANIA, UNIVERSITATEA BABES-BOLAI CLUJ NAPOCA, "Cooperation of sub-national actors and private actors for increasing their influence at national and EU level", 18-19 October 2012 


"The organization was very good and the students were well prepared.The teachers were very kind and the iniziative has been well promoted within the city.I think it was also important to meet high school students during my stay in order to give advices for further EU opportunities"


› Alessandro Battilocchio, FMA Member 

UKRAINE, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF KYIV MOHYLA ACADEMY,“VI Congress of the Ukrainian European Studies Association” - “Teaching and Research Methodology in European Studies. European and Ukrainian Experience”. 18-19 October 2012


"My talk focussed on the importance of peace in European Integration as the European Union had just received the Nobel Peace prize. I emphasised the Article 2 principles of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights. I explained that any person who is a national of an EU country is an EU citizen."

› Christine Oddy, FMA Member 
 Ukrainian European Studies Association Programme

ICELAND, Institute of International Affairs and Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland, Europe, Iceland and Development Cooperation on the 25th September 2012


"The EU has spoken highly of the country’s “strong democratic culture” and closer links withIcelandwould allow the EU to play a more active role in the important Artic Region. Icelandhas great potential for influence in the world and I am convinced that  closer links betweenIcelandand the EU would be of enormous mutual benefit."  

› Michael McGowan, FMA Member 
› Michael McGowan article 
› University of Iceland Programme  



"It was a pleasure to work with Johannes, whose presentations  - to our undergraduates  on Monday and secondary school students today - were informative and engaging. We enjoyed lively discussions on both days, particularly today,  when Mr Michael Hindley also joined us.
Based on the success of the event this year Continuum would like to plan a larger event next year and hope that we may count on your continued support. A detailed account of the visit is available on the Continuum web site ("
Professor Hudson

› Johannes Lebech, FMA Member 
› Johannes Lebech's article
› University of East London - Programme





› Ilona Graenitz,  FMA Member