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FMA EVENTS 2-3 May 2018

The Association held its Annual Meeting on 2-3 May. This two-day event in Brussels gave the opportunity to discuss the Association’s past and future programmes as well as current EU and international affairs with distinguished guests.

The first day was marked by two lively discussions with the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, Danuta Hübner (speech available here), and the Chair of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Roberto Gualtieri. The discussions proved that the challenge at stake remains how to establish a permanent dialogue and communication with citizens on European topical and complex matters. The members present were also informed about the EP institutional communication campaign for European Elections in 2019. It was particularly fascinating to listen to the intervention by the President of the US Association of Former Member of Congress, Mr Cliff Stearns, with some perspectives from across the pond and updates on the current Trump administration. Mr Stearns reaffirmed the need for both Associations to work more closely.


The Annual Memorial Service took place in the afternoon. The three Vice-Presidents Mr Wieland, Mr Krasnodebski and Ms Járóka, the Association's members as well as the members of the six families present at the event have been particularly touched by the ceremony.

The final oration has been delivered by Hans-Gert Pöttering, newly elected FMA President, and is available here. This year the ceremony has been recorded and you can watch the video.


On the following day, the General Assembly thanked the outgoing President Enrique Barón Crespo for his Presidency over the last four years. The Association has benefited from his personal commitment within and outside the EU and to the FMA activities. He helped strengthen the networking capacity of the FMA and the structure and functioning of the Foundation for Parliamentary Democracy. The Assembly also thanked the outgoing Board Member Andrea Manzella who greatly contributed to the FMA Bulletin and to the activities of the European Association of former parliamentarians as FMA delegate together with Brigitte Langenhagen. Various themes were discussed at the General meeting like the cooperation with the EP and EU Historical Archives, democracy support, the EP to Campus programme and the future study visits amongst others.


As a result of the vote at the General Assembly, Hans-Gert Pöttering, Brigitte Langenhagen, Edward McMillan-Scott, Jean-Pierre Audy and Manuel Porto were elected. At the Management Committee the former President of the EP Hans-Gert Pöttering was elected President of the Association and the Bureau is now composed as follows:

President - Hans-Gert PÖTTERING
Vice-President - Jan-Willem BERTENS
Secretary - Teresa RIERA MADURELL
Treasurer - Edward McMILLAN-SCOTT

All the photos taken during the two-day event are now available at :