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The Association of former Members of Parliament of the member states of the Council of Europe or the European Union, known as the European Association, comprises 32 national associations and seeks to promote the European ideal and to contribute to European integration. This association has its secretariat in the Belgian Senate and its legal seat in the French National Assembly and it meets three times a year. Each association appoints two delegates to represent it in the Bureau of the European Association. These delegates attend Bureau meetings, annual seminars and colloquies. The current FMA delegates are Mrs Langenhagen and Mr Mazella. Lord Balfe and Mr Bertens are alternate members. The FMA is a full member of the European Association since March 2010.

Its current President, elected at the Annual General Assembly on 2 March 2018, is Mr Rune Rydén, Swedish. The FMA Honorary Secretary and delegate to FP-AP Brigitte Langenhagen, was selected as FP-AP Vice-President at the Bureau meeting. The last meeting of the FP-AP took place in Brussels on 24-25 May.

The FP-AP is currently working on a statement on "The future of Europe" that will be adopted at the Strasbourg Colloquy in 2018. The rapporteur is Walter Schwimmer, Former General Secretary of the Council of Europe.

On the  occasion of the FP-AP meeting in Valletta (Malta) on 3rd of November 2017, the FMA proposed a Statement on the murder of the Maltese journalist, Daphne Cruana Galizia, that was voted upon in favour. During this meeting a Declaration on statelessness in the light of mass migration was also adopted.


 You can find here all the adopted declarations.

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Declaration Statelessness in the light of mass migration (408 kb)
Statement on on the murder of the Maltese journalist (77 kb)