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The European Parliament Former Members Association, the United States Association of Former Members of Congress and the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians officially launched in June 2006, as joint undertaking, the International Election Monitors Institute. The aim of the Institute was to train former legislators to serve globally as election monitors, to participate in several election observation missions per year, and to involve former legislators of the three Associations in post-election democracy building endeavors.

In 2012, IEMI board of directors decided to broaden the organization’s scope and reinstitute it with a more reflective outreach. IEMI was disbanded and a new entity, the Global Democracy Initiative(GDI), was created. This new entity remained under the leadership of the three founding organizations and its board of directors remained equally divided between Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. GDI, however, will deliver a much more streamlined approach that recognizes more effectively the multiple stages and aspects of representative democracy. It means that GDI actions not only focus on the elections day but are broadened to the whole electoral cycle.

The GDI continues in their effort to seek for new partners such as the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), the Portal for Parliamentary Democracy Agora (UNDP), OSCE/ODIHR, NDI and many more. Each of the Associations has to seek funding separately from government, business and non-governmental sources.