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Programme "EP to campus"

Through the EP to Campus programme FMA members spend up to one week at a University outside their Member State to talk about the role of an MEP, the EU and its institutions. The programme was launched in 2006 with a seminar at the European University Institute in Florence


The purpose of the Global Democracy Initiative is to organize, train, and deploy Former Parliamentarians of Canada, Former Members of the European Parliament, and Former Members of the U.S. Congress as participants in democracy building activities such as election observation, democratic institution building, and supporting elected representatives in emerging democracies as they strive for free and transparent forms of good governance.
GDI intends to engage in several missions per year, and will play an active role in pre- and post-election democracy-building endeavors by itself and in cooperation with other international democracy-building institutions.


In 2013, the FMA created the Foundation for Parliamentary Democracy in order to strengthen and develop parliamentary democracy throughout the world by drawing on the European parliamentary experience of FMA members. The Foundation specifically enhances two programmes launched by the FMA, namely the EP to Campus programme and the Global Democracy Initiative (GDI) programme.
Donations to the Foundation have made it possible for Association members to speak in classrooms and on university campuses across Europe and its neighbourhood countries on how the EU institutions really work and what are the factors that shape EU decision-making. Through the GDI, former legislators are a valuable resource in the ongoing process of democracy building work in the many nations trying to set up a government based on transparency and rule of law. Within this framework, several missions of election observations were organised.

With every speech and every program, the FMA enables its members to strengthen the democratic process within its borders and around the world.
If you wish to contribute to the success of our programmes, you can make a donation to the following bank account:
Foundation for Parliamentary Democracy
Bank Account KBC, European Parliament Agency
IBAN: BE81 7340 3799 6424


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