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 The Duma



24 September - 2 October


 The Kremlin

From the 24th of September to the 2nd of October Pat Cox led a twenty-four-person delegation to Russia. The delegation stayed in Moscow for a couple of days and then moved to Perm near the ural Mountains.
They met representatives of the political groups, members of the Parliament, the Chairman of the Electoral Committee and Government representatives. Not only, they had the chance to have a frank talk on the current situation with NGOs, academics and media representatives. Less than three months before crucial state Duma elections it was really interesting to gauge the mood of public opinion. Member took the opportunity to explore other key issues, such as the modernisation of the Russian economy -one of the most stimulating sessions organised by the Gaidar Institute - and the energy policy.

Programme of the Visit and List of participants

Interviews given by  Pat COX and Elisabetta FONCK for the Russian Radio, "The Voice of Russia".

ELECTION OBSERVATION MISSIONS RUSSIA Final Report from the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission in the Russian Federation on elections to the State Duma of 4 December 2011.

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1.1 EU-Russia Relations and the shared neighbourhood (739 kb)
1.2 EP resolution of 7 July 2011 on the preparations for the Russian State Duman elections in December 2011 (78 kb)
1.3 EP resolution of 9 June 2011 on the EU-Russia Summit (96 kb)
1.4 EP resolution of 17 February 2011 on the rule of law in Russia (83 kb)
1.5 PCC Meeting December 2010 (84 kb)
2.1 Joint Statement - Partnership for Modernisation (30 kb)
2.2 Working Plan for Activities within the Partnership (1 Mb)
3.1 Main Outcomes - Press release Council (35 kb)
3.2 Main Outcomes - Press release Commission (15 kb)
3.3 EP resolution on the Summit 2011 (73 kb)
4.1 Economic Relations between EU and Russia - Eurostat (298 kb)
4.2 Country Strategy Paper 2007-2013 (1 Mb)
4.3 EEAS EU-Russia Common Space Progress Report 2010 (222 kb)
4.4 EESC - Opinion on EU-Russia Relations (237 kb)
5.1 EU Human Rights Policy towards Russia - DG External Affairs (832 kb)
5.2 National Human Development Report - UNDP (2 Mb)
5.3 Annual Report on Russia - Amnesty International (122 kb)
6 EU-Russia Centre - The Electoral System of the Russian Federation (1 Mb)
7 Institute of Contemporary Development - Attaining the Future - Strategy 2012 (347 kb)
8 Polish Institute of International Affairs - EU-Russia Relations One Year after the Partnership for Modernization (460 kb)
9.1 Articles from Lilia Shevtsova (334 kb)
9.2 Eurasia Daily - The Putin-Medvedev Ruling Tandem Disintegrates (37 kb)
9.3 Joint Report - Opportunities for future Partnership - EU-Russia Energy Dialogue (1 Mb)