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The former FMA Presidents Lord Plumb, Mr. Gil-Robles and Mr. Cox are the Founding Members of the Foundation thus giving full credibility and prestige to the new entity.

The Management Committee of the European Parliament Former Members Association (FMA) has held extensive discussions in 2012 and 2013 on the possible establishment of a private foundation.

After due consideration, the Board agreed to establish a Belgian public interest foundation named "Foundation for Parliamentary Democracy" (FPD). The new entity has the status of a Belgian not-for-profit public interest foundation. Since they act in the general interest of the community, public interest foundations in Belgium enjoy a different status from other nonprofit-making associations. Public interest foundations are required to be recognized by royal decree and therefore are subject to a priori government supervision. There is also a form of a posteriori supervision since major changes to the statutes can only be made by royal decree and after examination by the services of SPF Justice (Service Public Fédéral Justice).

At the General Assembly of the FMA held on 5 June 2013, the meeting welcomed the establishment of such a Foundation. The main conclusions were:
1) It is timely that the FMA establishes the Foundation;
2) The Foundation will provide the FMA with a vehicle to engage with third parties. The Foundation's accounts will be properly kept and audited each year and reported to the Assembly;
3) The Board members of the FMA will be ex-officio Board members of the Foundation thus guaranteeing openness, transparency and accountability;
4) The Board members of the FMA will be charged to adopt a protocol to be submitted to and signed by donors to make it clear that donations will be unconditional.

The FPD was formally recognised by royal decree on 30 August 2013. The aim of the Foundation, as detailed in the Statutes, is to promote and develop parliamentary democracy by drawing on the European parliamentary experience of FMA members. The Foundation strengthen two FMA programmes, namely the "EP to Campus" Programme and the "Global Democracy Initiative", by devising fundraising strategies to support concrete projects for both programmes.

Thanks to CANDRIAM for supporting the EP to Campus programme.