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Bulletin March 2019
Towards European Democracy:
40 years of European Parliament direct elections

Bulletin March 2019

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Bulletin March 2013 DE  EN  ES  FR  IT   (10 Mb)
Bulletin June 2013 FR  IT  DE  ES  EN   (3 Mb)
Bulletin September 2013 EN  DE  ES  IT  FR   (5 Mb)
Bulletin December 2013 EN  IT  ES  DE  FR   (11 Mb)
Bulletin March 2014 DE  IT  ES  EN  FR   (2 Mb)
Bulletin June 2014 FR  IT  DE  ES  EN   (5 Mb)
Bulletin September 2014 EN  DE  IT  ES  FR   (2 Mb)
Bulletin December 2014 EN  FR  DE  IT  ES   (4 Mb)
Bulletin March 2015 IT  DE  EN  ES  FR   (2 Mb)
The March issue adresses the question of the European Space Policy as well as those related to the Ukrainian crisis.
Bulletin June 2015 FR  IT  ES  DE  EN   (5 Mb)
The June issue focuses on Freedom of Speech. It also adresses the European Defense Policy and the Expo of Milano.
Bulletin September 2015 EN  FR  DE  ES  IT   (2 Mb)
The September issue is entirely devoted to a single topic: European Economic Governance.
Bulletin December 2015 EN  FR  IT  DE  ES   (6 Mb)
The December issue is devoted to the influence of Europe in the World.
Bulletin March 2016 ES  EN  DE  IT  ES  FR   (14 Mb)
The March issue focuses on the subject of migration and asylum.
Bulletin June 2016 IT  DE  FR  EN   (15 Mb)
The June bulletin focuses on the issue of energy.
Bulletin Septembre 2016 ES  DE  IT  FR  EN   (18 Mb)
In the September Issue, a special focus is put on the Enviroment and Climate Change.
Bulletin December 2016 ES  EN  DE  IT  FR   (19 Mb)
Find all the news on the FMA activities and discover the special report and the pictures from the Study Visit to Serbia.
Bulletin March 2017 ES  IT  DE  EN  FR   (21 Mb)
In this issue you will find a special report on the 60 years of the Treaties of Rome and on the success of the "EP to Campus" programme.
Bulletin June 2017 FR  ES  IT  EN  DE   (21 Mb)
The June issue includes a focus on Social Europe.
Bulletin Septembre 2017 ES  DE  FR  IT  EN   (7 Mb)
The September issue focuses on Europe of Creativity
Bulletin December 2017 EN  FR  ES  DE  IT   (21 Mb)
This edition includes, among others, a focus on Europe of Political Communication.
Bulletin March 2018 DE  ES  IT  EN  FR   (16 Mb)
The March bulletin focuses on Cultural Heritage.
Bulletin June 2018 FR  ES  IT  DE  EN   (22 Mb)
The June issue focuses on Artificial Intelligence
Bulletin September 2018 DE  EN  IT  ES  FR   (8 Mb)
The September issue focuses on EU Public Opinion.
Bulletin December 2018 EN  ES  DE  IT  FR   (17 Mb)
The December issue is devoted to the Future of the European Union
Bulletin March 2019 DE  ES  IT  FR  EN   (8 Mb)
Special edition: Towards European Democracy: 40 Years of European Parliament direct elections. The special edition features articles and analysis written by former MEPs. Find the online version below.